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Pura Face Yoga: Blog

Welcome to My Blog!

Follow me here for tips, research and general information about face yoga.

Nicky teaches face yoga in Skipton & Silsden in Yorkshire and the surrounding area.

Hi, I'm Nicky Hopwood - owner & teacher of Pura Face Yoga. Nicky has practiced yoga and face yoga techniques for over 5 years and she has recently trained to coach others in the Danielle Collins Face Yoga Method.

‘For most of my life I have had a keen interest in holistic health & well-being. I have always practiced fitness routine & researched diet & fitness. When I turned 50, I decided that it was the ideal stage of my life to focus more on holistic practices in health & well-being and I was so impressed with Danielle Collins Face Yoga Method. The face is the ‘cockpit’ of the body and essential for communication, mood, emotional well-being, energy levels etc, etc.

My classes can be 1:1 sessions, group classes or group workshops and I can offer a bespoke session to target health issues or problem skin or face areas.’ Nicky Hopwood

For more information, follow Pura Face Yoga on Facebook or Instagram or her website at

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